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Forging leaders for better workplaces & communities


To foster individual growth and organisational excellence through learning solutions for our customers and partners.



From the start, we recognise that successful teams must comprise of talented and diverse individuals willing to work together to achieve common goals.

Many organisations recognise the need for their leaders to develop competencies to operate well in an era of disruption. Our clients are prepared to evaluate existing work norms, beliefs and processes in order to develop competencies and transformation needed to stay relevant.


At eXiLe, we offer purpose-driven and customised professional development and leadership training. Our deep experience in education and training development, along with tactical implementation allows us to bring a playful twist to create engaging and memorable experiences to suit teams from both the private and civil service sectors.

No stranger to running events for big groups, eXiLe has often collaborated with grassroots organisations to design and run the operations for community engagement events. This round, the eXiLe Training Cadre designed the program flow, activities and facilitated the event for PA's public launch to ensure that all key deliverables were well met. Thank you!

Mr. Surein S.

People’s Association



Randell was formerly Head of National Education, Character & Citizenship Education (CCE), at the Ministry of Education (MOE). As a senior education officer, Randell was involved in overseeing public engagement for character and citizenship. He is deeply involved with companies, government ministries, statutory boards and schools to create customised leadership workshops for the management and operational teams.

As one of the Lead Trainers at eXiLe, Randell delivers corporate leadership training and specialises in running workplan retreats, strategic policy formulation and visioning exercises.

Effectively bilingual in both English and Mandarin, Randell has a strong professional network and personal interest in China. For rest and relaxation, Randell can be found in remote mountain villages in China, recuperating, recharging and re-learning from the wise old Kung Fu masters.

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