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At eXiLe, we are a team of passionate educators, policy engineers and disruptive thinkers who believe that it is possible to bring teams to break the boundaries of their limits and find deeper purpose.

Our programs are centred on observation and scientific study together with serious-play approach to learning, in order to promote active participation and encourage Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity with all our clients.

Leadership Development

eXiLe provides professional development & leadership training that forges critical and strategic thinking. We work with management teams to map goals and implement processes that will transform behaviour and support change in other to better achieve organisational needs.

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Services 1

Customised Workshops

Customised training workshops to build a sense of purpose, ownership and resilience.​

Framework Design

Design training framework, concept and solution for clients (i.e. training manuals, assessment rubrics, train-the-trainer program)

Professional Facilitation

Facilitate teams in meetings and activities that fosters engagement, trust and ideas generation.

RISK & Resiliency


We provide organisations with risk and vulnerability assessments when teams are required to work in V.U.C.A environments. We work closely with our clients to provide tools and hands-on training to empower team members to increase their adaptability and management of various risk factors i.e. physical, cyber, environmental, etc.

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Services 2

First Aid and Emergency Readiness Training

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Programs

Personal Safety and Defensive Tactics

Services 3



Our clients are empowered to chart their learning needs and design learning pathways best suited for their professional development. We partner with Human Resource personnel and management teams to design training curriculum and content for raising professional competencies of the organisation.

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Content Development

Develop instructional content for professional learning in the form of training slides, instructional manuals, facilitator guides, reflection logs and assessment rubrics.

Blended Learning

Provide Learning Management System to host e-learning and blended learning modules.

In-House Competency Training

Conduct Train-the-Trainer programs to develop client’s in-house competency to deliver in-house training modules.

How can we serve you?

If you have a program you are considering for your team, contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Workshops & Programs

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