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Purpose-Driven Design Thinking

In order for participants to fully immerse and relax during retreats, many companies choose to conduct their retreats over the weekend. eXiLe recently conducted a professional development retreat for REANDA ADEPT PAC covering 4 key modules:

  • Understanding Self and Temperament

  • Developing Team Dynamics: Working as One

  • Building Better Teams: Identity, Relationships & Choices

  • Design Thinking for Teams: Building for Success

In the Understanding Self and Temperament module, participants learnt about their individual strengths and temperaments that would prove useful for team members and team leaders to build project teams that best leverage on the diversity and strengths of each individual member.

The next module, Developing Team Dynamics: Working as One, participants were given various challenging tasks that would limit the use of their senses and require them to work as a team to accomplish certain objectives.

Module 3, Building Better Teams: Identity, Relationships & Choices, allowed participants to discover the value of living in a community while discovering their identities, the relationships they want to establish and the choices they need to make.

For the last module, Design Thinking for Teams: ‘Building for Success’, teams were given a design challenge where they needed to provide a practical solution to solving design problems. Through this process they learn to work as a team, create synergy and inspire shared vision of success.


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